Getting to know Cherri Bright

Cherri was born and raised in South Africa and has been helping buyers and sellers for over 17 years all over the world. Following in her mother’s footsteps as a 2nd generation Realtor, Cherri has been in real estate and design internationally including South Africa, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. Now with 10 years of real estate experience in the US and the Los Angeles market, Cherri owns her own properties including her own home and successful multi unit investments. It is safe to say Cherri lives, sleeps and breaths real estate! Married and a mother to 2 beautiful little girls, she knows how to be patient and listen to your needs with an open heart and mind, is a fast paced creative problem solver and a relentless negotiator. With years of global experience in various markets Cherri can guide you through multiple offers, foreclosures, auctions, investment options and buyers/seller markets even in the most volatile times. Cherri will position you for the best offers and will navigate you through smooth escrows for a successful close! Cherri believes in the strength of human kindness, collaboration and integrity above all!

Spoken Languages: English

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