Getting to know Ajee Smith

Meet Your Realtor. I’m Je. I’ve noticed a lot of people have lost touch with personal service since media has advanced; but I’m old school and real estate isn’t a transaction or an apply button. My passion is to be with you every step of the way through your process. I remember stepping into my first place for the first time. It was a tiny space only a bed and a drawer to fit. I went to the arts and crafts store and purchased some gold fabric to pin across the wall with photos. I mention this to say that was my first home. It may have been small but it expressed who I was and what I loved at that time. Big or small Cottage or Condo. Mobile Home or Two-Story Home sitting over a lake let’s find you that home that makes you feel as magical as I did when I purchased that gold fabric to customize mines. One thing about me is I know what home feels like no matter the location or size. I do it all and I’m free, my love and compassion for you has no fee. My philosophy is simple. You come first. Home is where the heart is and it brings pure joy to my heart that I have the honor to guide you through the home buying process; for a home is one of the greatest gifts. My mission is to help you unwrap yours.

Spoken Languages: English